Classic Triple Propagation Station

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Classic Triple Propagation Station: An elegant and modern display for your propagated botanicals. CORD+IRON propagation stations feature our classic beveled edge design with three minimal glass tubes that allows you to watch your future plant babies take root. The sturdy cement base keeps everything steady and all contact points are cork-lined to keep the glass and your surfaces safe from scratches. No more red solo cups on the window sill! Your future plants deserve a vessel that is just as stylish as their big brothers and sisters. Pair with our Classic Planters for a coordinated display or place a few on a table for a stylish centerpiece. You can even remove a couple of the glass tubes and use the station to liven up your desk or workspace. Features: cast in artisan concrete removable/washable glass tubes cork-lined contact points protect surfaces debossed minimal C+I logo hand-rubbed sealer protects and shines dimensions: H 7.25" x W 7.5"x x D 3.125"