Peperomia Piccolo Banda

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Peperomia Piccolo Banda… Oh my gosh. Have you ever seen such incredibly colored leaves? These were actually quite hard to find for a while because they were so sought after. They have the classic peperomia rippled texture that we all know and love, and these shoot straight up. Peperomia are beloved because they put out tiny babies everywhere, and you can simply put a leaf/stem in water and it will sprout roots and grow tiny underwater leaves. Absolutely darling! They are also pet friendly.

Care Needs: These babes are super versatile. They do quite well in lower light situations, making them the perfect little desk or bathroom plant. They also don’t like to be over-watered and prefer that you let their soil dry out completely before giving them a drink.

 *Shown in 4" size. White pot not included.*